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Hey Christians, You’re Doing It Wrong

Hey Christians, you’re doing it wrong.

Seriously. Reallllly wrong.

I went to Target four times this week (my wife LOVES Target). And guess what. I wasn’t accosted by any trans people. No one assaulted Anna Melissa in the bathroom. And no official in a red polo shirt standing at the front door handed me this month’s copy of “The Homosexual Agenda”.

Flocking to Facebook and calling for boycotts of Target is about as useful as using cotton swabs as nails. You’re just wasting your time.

I’m a staunch conservative. I go to church every Sunday. My wife and I (try to) read from the scriptures each day. We’re teaching our son to say his prayers, and we try to serve our neighbors in-between work, family, and the hurry of every day life. But at the end of the day we are just simple Christians, and because of that, videos like this really bother me.

Jesus was loving. Yeah yeah, I get it. I hear it all the time. Even Jesus threw over tables in the temple and whatnot. But you know what else Jesus did? He ate dinner with harlots, tax collectors, and people even worse. He went into their houses. He was kind. He was cordial, and He respected their individual practices and places. The only time we have any evidence of Jesus getting all “Old Testament Kinda Angry” is during the incident in the temple, which was in His Father’s house.

Dear fellow Christians, Target is not your house. So don’t go stomping through it, tossing over tables so to speak, and causing some holier than thou ruckus. If you have a terrible fear that a transgender person might hurt you or your children in the bathroom, then don’t go into the bathroom. Simple as that. Go next door. Or hold it. It’s that simple.

I’m not transgender. Obviously. And I cannot imagine the true challenges that come from truly identifying as someone who is. I only personally know a handful of people who are. But the people I know who are transgender are – wait for it – REALLY decent people. They’re kind, smart, and the kind of people I would never hesitate introducing my children to. I may not agree with every political/religious/philosophical point my transgender friends and family espouse. But, y’know what? I don’t have to. Because part of being a rational adult is recognizing that not everyone agrees with your political/religious/philosophical points either.

“But what about the children?” you may be asking. Well, y’know, I never knew of a pedophile rapist who was too keen on following proper public bathroom policies in the first place. So if you’re afraid this will invite some new class of weirdos in, please refer to my “Hold It” counsel I previously gave.

As Christians we need to recognize that the world is changing. It doesn’t mean we need to change our doctrines, but it does mean we need to, more than ever, actually live like Christ lived. We need to be loving. We need to respect others. And we need to show compassion in difficult situations.

So next time you’re in Target if you see some whackadoo such as this, please refrain from saying unkind things to her. She’s just a Christian who is struggling applying the teachings of Christ. She deserves the well wishes and prayers of all.

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